What is real beauty?

India is a nation obsessed with FAIR skin and beauty products. Everyone is supposed to look”fair and lovely”. Which in itself is degradation to the concept of beauty. Beauty is a concept which we as a nation usually misinterpret. Because beauty essentially Is not supposed to be put in boxes of fair,thin ,slim or tall. It is supposed to be diverse, vibrant and universal.

These days kids as young as twelve are visiting cosmetologists to get their skin colour a few shades lighter or to correct a certain feature of their face. They are so overwhelmed by what they see on television that they begin to take their appearance a little too seriously. When they look in mirror they see everything that is not ‘perfect” according to the set standards of the society and look for ways to enhance or change it.

Fat shaming or skinny shaming is a common phenomenon these days which pushes kids to look a certain way. If they do not fit into the set shape or size they feel low on confidence. This affects their psychology and make them feel that they are not perfect.
Firstly, nobody is supposed to look perfect. We all are blessed with different skin tones ,body types and features in order to enjoy this diversity. Take a minute and join me in imagining that we all looked the same.

I urge you right now to stop treating yourself like some model you see on television. Let me also break a myth for you. Most of the pictures that you see on billboards and your television screens in advertisements are photoshopped and colour corrected. So trust me you are trying to achieve something that is not even real. The same goes for social media platforms.
Beauty is only skin deep.what matters is not how you look on the outside but how you feel from inside. Your personality, talent dreams and ambitions are all sidelined sadly due to how this world operates in this beauty-obsessed society. Let us take an oath to love ourselves first and keep that as priority.

Nobody in this world should have guts to make you feel low of yourself. Outer beauty fades away what remains is your inner beauty and karma. Believe that you are beautiful.

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