How to get rid of mobile phone addiction, Caught in The Web

Mobile phone is created as a complementary tool by which our life can be easier but in last few years This is making us slaves. We are using mobile for average 6 to 7 hours a day. Because of this we are facing issues with our Body and Mind. Now is the time that if we control our mobile phone addiction then we can save ourselvesy other than that we are in Great Danger.

We are having effects of this mobile phone addiction in 5 different aspects of our life. We are going to see in details about them and how to minimize the risk.

1. Effect on Body –

Problem – This human body is made for working and moving not seating ideally for 6 to 7 hours and doing nothing. But because of this mobile addiction we are seating ideally and this is causing serious troubles. We are having a lot of backpains. We are having problems which our grandparents have. Our neck is having a lot of issues.  

Solution – What we can do is take a small break from using smartphone regularly. These small breaks are going to stop the adverse effect on our body. We have to be in a relax position and be aware of what we are doing.

Other than that, what we can do is planting new habits in our life. Let’s say go and play badminton, or go for a walk. Slowly start doing something which can add more value to your life. So when you are busy you don’t remember using phone.

If these things can’t stop you from using your phone just ask yourself these questions, You want to become old in this young age. You want to do something meaningful or just watching series and playing useless games. You just want entertainment or your life has something else. You want to be a looser or achiever.

Choice is Yours pick wisely.

2. Algorithm of Web –

Problem –  

Tell me if this happens with you When you search for any product in Amazon, google or anything. You start seeing Ads in your social networking sites.

You start YouTube for one video but end up watching a lot of video. You open Instagram for just checking messages but end up scrolling through feed and watching meme for hours.

This is the power of algorithm that is controlling human brains.

Solution –

You just have to ask yourself do you want to be control by a machine. You are the most intelligent creature on earth, do you want to be control by a software or a team of applications. If you have a little self-respect than you are going to use it for your own good. Then you are going to use it like a tool and you have total control on this device. If you understand this thing then you are not a slave of this device, this is going to work for you.

You have to find a bigger goal or purpose in your life. Just see your real problems in life and start to find solutions and work for it. By building new habits you can leave this bad habit. Use this smartphone for achieving success in your life other than wasting your time.

3. Phycology

Problem –

This smartphone addiction is just like alcohol addiction or cigarette addiction. If a cigarette addict didn’t get it they feel frustrated and angry same is with mobile. If you think I am just bluffing switch off your mobile for 1 day don’t use it Than you are going to understand what I am saying.

We are addicted to games likes pubg and other games. Just try and start playing any sports you like that is going to give you real happiness.

If we are on stress we start using mobile phone for a virtual happiness. But that is not going to help. We never get satisfied by using mobile phone. This is endless loop.

Solution –

Instead of building your virtual profile or identity, start working on yourself. Start improving on your hobbies. Be a better version of yourself only then you are going to get real satisfaction. Try to beat yourself day by day and solve all your real problems in life. Achieve your goals and Be successful.

4. Neurology

problem – We are having sense of lack because of smartphone. If our friend is having a foreign trip or buying a car. We feel like a loser. We are just seating in our room and doing nothing and others are enjoying life.

We are having sleeping disorders because we overthink at night. we end up using mobile for whole night and next day when we wake up we feel lack of energy.

Solution – You have to know that this is your life. Everyone is unique. You can’t compare yourself with anyone. You are the one who is going to write your own story. Right now your friends are enjoying let them enjoy. Your time will come. You have to work hard for it.

Sleep is most important part of our daily life. If we don’t get a good sleep our next day is ruined. Our productivity start fading away. So before going to sleep stop using phone for 1 hour. Relax your mind. Watch your thoughts and sleep peacefully. ‘

Because we are using phone from a young age we don’t know how to interact with people. We feel shy in public gathering. So instead of talking on social media all the time, try to increase your real social skills in real world.

5. psychoanalysis

problem – Because we are using smartphone for lot’s of time our eyes and mind is having a number of problems. We are becoming lazy day by day. We are indulged in gossiping and start avoiding work. This is so bad for our future. Specially youth is wasting their precious time in these things. If they are not going to master any skill then they are not going to find any jobs or start their own business.

Mobile phone radiation is causing Insomnia and other disease.

Solutions – Instead of watching videos or scrolling social media. Start listening podcasts with close eyes, which are going to increase your knowledge and going to add meaning to your life. Don’t watch tv or any series at night which is going to mess up your mind with someone’s imagination. That is not a reality. Instead work on your real life and start improving day by day. Be a better version of yourself.

In childhood we learn everyday but when we are adult because of our ego, We think we know everything and stop learning. We have to keep our inner child alive and keep learning. Every successful person does this.

Conclusion –

I am not going to say mobile only have disadvantages. This contain a lot of advantages but we have to learn how to use this for our benefit.

Instead of consuming stuff start creating your own stuff. for example i have 2 ways to live my life, one is just using mobile for time pass and listen to videos and second is to create my own content. Right now you are reading my content this is a success to me. I am creating my own brand.

If you want to be happy in your life you just have to work on 3 things in your life.

  1. Health
  2. wealth
  3. happiness

Start improving in these things in your life and you are good to go.

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