How to talk with strangers and have a beautiful conversation

Conversation gives you a whole new perspective, Everyone who are close to you, once a totally stranger to you and you knew nothing about them until you have that first conversation. So talk to strangers and have a conversation. I am going to explain to you in seven steps, how to make a conversation with strangers.

7 steps for How to Talk to Strangers

1. Dare to begin, dare to say the first words –

Do you ever feel this, you see someone and wants to talk to them but you don’t have courage to say anything to them. You are only thinking about what is best you can say and struct in your own mind.

Just do one thing go and start the conversation. What is the worst that could happen. They won’t talk to you well they are not talking to you now. Put a natural smile on your face go and say hi.

2. Skip small talks, focus on what’s really interesting –

If you just talk about the usual stuff than soon conversation is going to fade away. Try to talk about something interesting about their interests, their likes and dislikes, their opinions. People are willing to share their things if anyone is willing to ask. They are dealing with so many things. Just normally ask about their home town, or their family.

3. Find common things –

They must feel connected with you. You have to find common things with them to increase the intensity of conversation. If you like same types of music, movie, series than you can talk about them. Normally people start criticizing the opinion of the person, after that the person feel disappointed. Try to make them comfortable in your talk. This is not their job interview.

4. Make genuine unique compliments –

When someone compliment us we remember it for lifetime. If you want to make your conversation memorable just put a genuine compliment. They are going to love it.

People will forget what you say but they will never forget how you make them feel

Your compliment must not be Flattery. You can talk about their nature or the way they talk the way they look.

5. Ask for an opinion –

Everyone loves to give an opinion. Just ask them for simple things or choices then they are gonna feel important. By that communication is also gonna grow and you will also know their thinking. Everyone has different point of view so when you ask for an opinion than it can touch some new nerve that can really helpful.

6. Pay attention (Be in the moment)

Do you know this feeling when you talking to someone and they are using their phone and just nodding their head. This can kill any conversation. When you talk to someone be in the moment and pay attention to what they say. They get a feeling that they can trust us. They are gonna tell you their deepest thoughts because they feel comfortable.

Look at them in eyes while talking.

7. Remember what you talked about

If you met someone for 3rd time and they remember your name but you forget it is so embarrassing. Do remember small details of your communication so you don’t make them feel bad in future. Say their name in the talk so they are gonna feel important. Also remember other details about them and their place and family.

Conclusion –

Every new conversation is a new experience. How much you interact with strangers you know new things and have a new perspective so never hesitate go and say hi.

Every person is a really good book, you just have to figure out which to read next instead of only reading the titles

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