5 Habits of a Successful Relationship [based on real life experience]

We don’t know anything about a relationship. Our parents and teachers are trying to teach us how to get a job and earn money but they are not willing to teach us about relationship. Because they also know nothing about it. So we learn from movies, but this is not real. Real life is totally different than real life.

So here i am going to tell you 5 habits of a successful relationship which can change your life. If you follow these things then your relationships are going to be great.

1. Don’t pretend to be someone else (Be Yourself)

Don’t show your partner any fake side just to impress them. Be real Be honest. Show them what you are. If you show your fake side they they are going to expect you to act like that everytime, but it is not possible. So your relationship is going to collapse.

If your partner loves you he is going to accept you. You don’t have to be like them. You don’t have to complete each other instead of that you can try to complement them. If you think your partner is going to complete you than there are going to be lots of arguments and fights. You are going to possess them, jealousy is gonna be there. So BE YOURSELF.

2. Never compare your partner with anyone

Don’t ever compare your partner with anyone. If you compare them with your family member, friend or even yourself that this is going to make your relationship miserable.

When you tell them that your point of view is better than theirs, then their ego is gonna rise and it will leads to a big fight. Just put yourself in their situation and try to understand their point of view.

The hallmark of a good relationship is when only one person gets crazy at a time.

3. Healthy Discussion instead of argument

If you have difference of opinion on something then instead of argument try to solve it with a healthy discussion. Because soon argument is gonna be converted to Anger than it initiates fight.

In anger you see your partner as a enemy. At that time you only try to win the argument. When you filled with anger try to change the situation, instantly go for a walk or drink water. If you don’t do this you are going to hurt your partner and later when you became calm you are going to filled with regret.

If you lose an argument instead of proving your partner wrong and you end a fight. Then you are a real winner.

4. First Love Yourself (Self Love)

A beggar can’t give anything to anyone. So if you want to love your partner first you need to love yourself. If you are not happy than you can’t make your partner happy.

First do what you love, work on your passion and interest. This is going to make you happy and fulfilled after that you can take care of your partner better. If you are not happy with your life, you don’t love yourself than how you are going to make your partner happy.

If you want love then DO Love.

Kartik Rawal

5. Try to compensate a conflict with 5 good actions.

If you get angry at your partner or do any other mistake then instead of saying sorry try to do 5 good things to your partner and make them happy.

If you hate something but your partner loves it do it for them. Sorry is not going to make them happy. Instead do something good for them. This small habit can change many thing in your relationship.

Soon your fight are gonna be less because deep down you know that if i did something wrong i have to do things which i don’t like. So your mind is going to avoid all small fights.

Because of this both of you are going to get good new memories and experiences. You are gonna try new things. If you follow this rule than your relationship can’t be boring.

Other Important Points

  • Support each other instead of criticise them. Encourage them for doing the work they want. Be happy about your differences.
  • If you are in a fight with your partner try to solve it together. Never bring a third person in your fight it is only going to make it worst.


Our happiness is totally depends on our relationship. If we have good and healthy relationship then it is like heaven on earth. So we need to do whatever we can do to make our relationship better.

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