Be proud of Your Edges

The world that we teenagers live in today is so different than that of other groups . We’ve got for ourselves a whole other set of problems be it school, friends, social life,. But one of the major issues that has risen in this world of ours is ‘body shaming’. Yes . This happened when the definition of perfect changed to something that one can achieve only if she/he has perfect body. I’m 19 years old with broad shoulder, average height , and a strong build and there isn’t a single thing i want to change about my body.

However,some teens today would definitely like to change about my body. However some teens would definitely like to change their bodies. Well it’s US ourselves. We become so good at labelling people that we forget we are labelled too. Through ten to fifteen filters we make sure we look perfect.we try to get our nose ,jaw line , lips,hips, height, hair and everything else on point. We are so lost in chasing perfection that we loose our uniqueness . I hope you remember that word for no one has really used it or applied it for a while now.

Why do we try to change ourselves so much when we’re a pretty perfect version of what we are.? why we have given so much of importance to these baseless things that in no way defines us?we need to change the way we look at ourselves and the way we think. We were created the way we were for a reason .

Why try to fit in when you can stand out!
So many teens look in the mirror and think all of the ways their bodies could be better . Well, i want to tell them that a tiger wouldn’t be a tiger without its stripes , the same way you would not be yourself without those imperfections. Learn to love yourself. Learn to wear those imperfections with pride. Those particular genes did not combine so you could alter it.
Don’t feel sad for things that aren’t on point , instead be proud of the edges you own.

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